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Roots to Grow Wings to Fly

What is a SMART School Council?

The Smart School Council model involves all students in the school, and helps them to develop key skills around oracy, confidence and leadership. It supports students to become active, democratic citizens. The Smart School Council model helps you to:

  • Involve ALL of your students in developing skills
  • Directly address Ofsted requirements on British Values/SMSC & Prevent
  • Track data on involvement
  • Is easier to run than your current school council
  • Become more democratic than a traditional school council.

It has three clear elements:

  • Class meetings: Short, regular, structured and student-led meetings in every class / tutor group across the school.
  • Action teams: Any student can set up an action team based on an idea or issue that they have.
  • Communication team: Brings the whole model together, facilitates wide involvement and tracks it.


What are the aims of the model?

The key aim of the model is to help students develop into active, democratic citizens.

It’s essential that that children and young people develop a wide set of skills for learning and life. Skills that can support their academic achievement, and enable them to thrive. The Smart School Councils model is a good way to support this development; it opens out involvement to all students in the school and provides a clear structure for skills development and participation.


What are the learning outcomes for your students?

The learning outcomes includes:

  • Helping young people to develop oracy confidence, self-esteem
  • Helping young people to develop their negotiation and compromise skills.
  • Helping young people to develop political literacy and increase their democratic engagement.
  • Helping young people to become better leaders.
  • Helping young people be better prepared for life and work after school.